The first of many, hopefully

I’ve never been much of a diary girl.

There were a few half-hearted attempts in grade school when I really did try to keep a journal. Unfortunately, I could never muster the motivation to consistently record my life for longer than a week.  On my two month stint in Europe this summer I optimistically brought with me a beautiful, leather-bound book with the full intention of daily documenting my travels abroad.

Confession time? It’s still empty and untouched.

So, why start a blog, you ask? The answer is simple and one hashtag long: #ScrippsSummerChallenge. Plus, typing is so much easier than filling page after page of handwritten life hype. Basically, as a member of Ohio University‘s Scripps PRSSA executive board, I am constantly advised to begin my own blog to share with the world. And up until now, I’ve consistently ignored this recommendation. However, with the introduction of #ScrippsSummerChallenge, I have finally been inspired to begin the fated blogger’s journey. 


So, here I am. Here I am, virtual world!

I said I’m not a diary girl, but this blog won’t be a diary. I’ll spare you the details of fights with my boyfriend and I definitely won’t explain exactly how much fun last night’s party was. However, I’ll try to keep it interesting and I’ll do my best to let you in on my college experience and my never-ending journey as a young PR professional.

Until next time! XOX


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