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Would a Briagenn by any other name smell as sweet?

Excuse me? Didn’t quite catch that.

You must be Irish.

Oh, hello again, Bri… have we met before?

If I had a quarter for every time I’ve heard any of the above phrases plus maybe 100 more, I would have my Ohio University education AND a deposit for a brand new 2014 Lexus paid off by now.

My name is Briagenn Piper Linnea Adams — quite a mouth full. With a title like that, I seriously ought to be royalty by now. (Harry? Where you at?) Briagenn is the female form of Briag — as in Saint Briag, an Irish man who spread Christianity through France during the sixth century.

For the record, it’s BRI-UH-GEN. Or as some people like to think, BRI-AGAIN, which is where the “Have we met before?” confusion stems from. Both pronunciations are fine by me.

I know my name is difficult. I understand. I’ve dealt with it for 20 years. However, now that I’m becoming a more professional person, my name is beginning to worry me.

I recently attended a client meeting during an internship at The Eisen Agency in Cincinnati, Ohio. At the meeting, I attempted to introduce myself as “Briagenn,” because… well… that’s my name. However, that created a riot and I eventually had to back down and resort to “Bri,” the (in my opinion, no offense!) much more boring, shortened version of me.

I’ve always thought my name to be an interesting asset to my personality. It’s unique and memorable, and you’d think that would be great in an industry like PR where there can be more than 300 anonymous faces competing to score an interview for each employment opportunity. But now, I’m not so sure… if people are intimidated by my introduction, or nervous to say my name for fear of being wrong, where does that leave me?

I need some personal classification guidance, and I need it now.